Flash Mob Description
1) THE ALL IMPORTANT POEM (that they chant...)

Normie Burns took an axe
Gave his mother 40 whacks,
When she saw what he had done,
She said proudly, "that's my son!"

1a) Suggestion: Say it out once SOFTLY, and then immediately in LOUD, EVIL VOICE!

1b) The introduction to a Flash Mob including some examples etc: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob

2) WHO: 4 girls (no preference to nationality or color, as long as they are comfortable in the "Dorothy" outfit... they're welcome).

3) COSTUME: Dorothy costume (a la Wizard of Oz).. see Google Images for costume ideas.

4) Where and how to reharse? We want them to not be too FRIENDLY because they are making the dark side of Norm Burns "memorable" - being funny about it is going to spoil the fun!

5) WHERE? It is in Stanford campus, should be easier for all of us to plan. More details coming soon...

6) HOW OFTEN? Once every 30 or 60 minutes at a different location... wherever they show up and do the Flash Mob, if they can use chalk to stencil "4=DEATH" on the ground under their feet, that can stay when they leave.

7) Involving the audience: we need to do this once in front of the audience so they know what is going on...

8) Video - on location we want to capture the Flash Mob in action on video... we can use this online on YouTube etc. later and also on the Carma DVD and other extras.