Directors: Ray Arthur Wang; Federico Gaggero

Writers: Tim Boughn; Ray Arthur Wang; Scott Edwards

Producer: Ray Arthur Wang
Executive Producers: David Andrew Lustig; Michael Maguire; Alice Kung

Voice Acting Recording Engineers: DB, Studio One, Santa Clara, CA, USA; Alex Williams, The Village, West LA, CA, USA
Production Mixer: Dan Jaspar
Boom Operator: Keenan Jensen
Post-Production Mixer: Dan Olmsted, Berkeley Sound Artists

Storyboard and Animatic Artist: Federico Gaggero
Character Designer: Elisa Groli
Animator: Elisa Groli
Background Artists: Luigi Aimč; Federico Gaggero
Compositing Artist: Nicola Finizio

“Ravens, Rabbits, and Goblins”
Improvised/Performed by David Kleeman and Dusty Boyle: Double Bass; Dan Jaspar: Ocean Harp)
Recorded by Herb Wolff at Front Porch Studios, Livermore, CA, USA

“Goldberg Variations”
Composed by J.S. Bach, Performed by Ray Arthur Wang: Piano
Recorded by Ray Arthur Wang at Raw Power Productions, Berea, KY, USA

“Chorale Prelude in F Minor”
Composed by J.S. Bach, Performed by Ray Arthur Wang: Organ
Recorded by Jon Williams at Front Porch Studios, Livermore, CA, USA

“The Star-Spangled Banner - National Anthem of the USA”
Composed by John Stafford Smith, Arranged and Performed by Ray Arthur Wang: Organ
Recorded by Jon Williams at Front Porch Studios, Livermore, CA, USA

Special Thanks: Abigail Bennett; Adrien Blondel; Agnieszka Pilat; Alex Barilov; Alin Bui; Amy Cunningham; Ana Lechuga Villalobos; Andrew Nguyen; Anne-Marie Moreland; Bari Boswell; Billy Grove; Bishen Sen; Bob Giddens; Brian Pahl; Catherine Hagebusch; Charlesetta Redmond, SAG-AFTRA; Colin Hurley; Dale Eldridge Kaye; David Lowe; Dennis O. Johnson; Donnell Barnes; Eric Christiansen; Eugenia Yuan; Frank Paul Perez; Frank Simeone, SAG-AFTRA;; Heidi Levitt; Javier Bonilla; Jeanie Haigh; Jessica Alcorn; Jessica Beck; Jessica Sison; Jim Hurley; John Dietrich; JT Smash; Julia A. Craco; Karl Wente, Wente Vineyards; Keith Bernstein; Kent Russell, Fat Box; Lauren Fernandes; Lee Utterbach; Marisa Leal, SAG-AFTRA; Marnelle Hardy; Matthew John Armstrong; Mike Elwell; Nick Fargo; Nikolai Litavr; Norris Pope; PDsounds; Persia Matine; Qing Lin; Richard Hibbs; Richard Moore; Sandra Hayes-Jamieson; Shari Schierloh; Suzanna Spring; Thuy Nguyen; Tina Morris, The Village; Valerio Guglielmini; Vi Ly; Warren Haack, San Francisco State University

The characters/incidents portrayed herein, and their names, are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character or history of any actual persons living or dead is entirely coincidental/unintentional. Furthermore, all photographs are public domain.

The motion picture is protected under laws of USA/Germany/Italy/Australia/Taiwan/other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability/criminal prosecution.